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23rd ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles
October 23-26, 2011 — Cascais, Portugal
General Chair: Ted Wobber
Program Chair: Peter Druschel
Monday 24th, 08:30-09:00
Welcome and Awards
Monday 24th, 09:00-10:30
Chair: Marvin Theimer
SILT: A Memory-Efficient, High-Performance Key-Value Store
Hyeontaek Lim, Bin Fan, David G. Andersen (CMU), Michael Kaminsky (Intel Labs)
Scalable Consistency in Scatter
Lisa Glendenning, Ivan Beschastnikh, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Thomas Anderson (University of Washington)
Fast Crash Recovery in RAMCloud
Diego Ongaro, Stephen M. Rumble, Ryan Stutsman, John Ousterhout, Mendel Rosenblum (Stanford)
Monday 24th, 11:00-12:30
Chair: Eddie Kohler
Design Implications for Enterprise Storage Systems via Multi-Dimensional Trace Analysis
Yanpei Chen (UC Berkeley), Kiran Srinivasan, Garth Goodson (NetApp), Randy Katz (UC Berkeley)
Differentiated Storage Services
Michael Mesnier, Jason B. Akers, Feng Chen (Intel), Tian Luo (Ohio State)
A File is Not a File: Understanding the I/O Behavior of Apple Desktop Applications
Tyler Harter, Chris Dragga, Michael Vaughn, Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Monday 24th, 14:00-15:30
Chair: Adrian Perrig
CryptDB: Protecting Confidentiality with Encrypted Query Processing
Raluca Ada Popa, Catherine M. S. Redfield, Nickolai Zeldovich, Hari Balakrishnan (MIT)
Intrusion Recovery for Database-backed Web Applications
Ramesh Chandra, Taesoo Kim, Meelap Shah, Neha Narula, Nickolai Zeldovich (MIT)
Software fault isolation with API integrity and multi-principal modules
Yandong Mao, Haogang Chen (MIT), Dong Zhou (Tsinghua), Xi Wang, Nickolai Zeldovich, M. Frans Kaashoek (MIT)
Monday 24th, 16:00-17:30
Chair: George Candea
Thialfi: A Client Notification Service for Internet-Scale Applications
Atul Adya, Gregory Cooper, Daniel Myers, Michael Piatek (Google)
Windows Azure Storage: A Highly Available Cloud Storage Service with Strong Consistency
Brad Calder, Ju Wang, Aaron Ogus, Niranjan Nilakantan, Arild Skjolsvold, Sam McKelvie, Yikang Xu, Shashwat Srivastav, Jiesheng Wu, Huseyin Simitci, Jaidev Haridas, Chakravarthy Uddaraju, Hemal Khatri, Andrew Edwards, Vaman Bedekar, Shane Mainali, Rafay Abbasi, Arpit Agarwal, Mian Fahim ul Haq, Muhammad Ikram ul Haq, Deepali Bhardwaj, Sowmya Dayanand, Anitha Adusumilli, Marvin McNett, Sriram Sankaran, Kavitha Manivannan, Leonidas Rigas (Microsoft)
An Empirical Study on Configuration Errors in Commercial and Open Source Systems
Zuoning Yin, Xiao Ma (UIUC), Jing Zheng, Yuanyuan Zhou (UCSD), Lakshmi N. Bairavasundaram, Shankar Pasupathy (NetApp)
Monday 24th, 17:30-19:15
Tuesday 25th, 09:00-11:00
Chair: Gernot Heiser
Cells: A Virtual Mobile Smartphone Architecture
Jeremy Andrus, Christoffer Dall, Alex Van’t Hof, Oren Laadan, Jason Nieh (Columbia)
Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Security and Functionality in a Commodity Hypervisor
Patrick Colp, Mihir Nanavati (UBC), Jun Zhu (Citrix), William Aiello (UBC), George Coker (NSA), Tim Deegan (Citrix), Peter Loscocco (NSA), Andrew Warfield (UBC)
CloudVisor: Retrofitting Protection of Virtual Machines in Multi-tenant Cloud with Nested Virtualization
Fengzhe Zhang, Jin Chen, Haibo Chen, Binyu Zang (Fudan University)
Atlantis: Robust, Extensible Execution Environments for Web Applications
James Mickens (MSR), Mohan Dhawan (Rutgers)
Tuesday 25th, 11:30-12:30
OS Architecture
Chair: Nickolai Zeldovich
PTask: Operating System Abstractions To Manage GPUs as Compute Devices
Christopher J. Rossbach, Jon Currey (MSR), Mark Silberstein (Technion), Baishakhi Ray, Emmett Witchel (UT Austin)
Logical Attestation: An Authorization Architecture for Trustworthy Computing
Emin Gün Sirer (Cornell), Willem de Bruijn (Google), Patrick Reynolds (BlueStripe Software), Alan Shieh, Kevin Walsh, Dan Williams, Fred B. Schneider (Cornell)
Tuesday 25th, 14:00-16:00
Detection and Tracing
Chair: Rebecca Isaacs
Practical Software Model Checking via Dynamic Interface Reduction
Huayang Guo (MSR and Tsinghua), Ming Wu, Lidong Zhou (MSR), Gang Hu (MSR and Tsinghua), Junfeng Yang (Columbia), Lintao Zhang (MSR)
Detecting failures in distributed systems with the FALCON spy network
Joshua B. Leners, Hao Wu, Wei-Lun Hung (UT Austin), Marcos K. Aguilera (MSR), Michael Walfish (UT Austin)
Secure Network Provenance
Wenchao Zhou, Qiong Fei, Arjun Narayan, Andreas Haeberlen, Boon Thau Loo (University of Pennsylvania), Micah Sherr (Georgetown University)
Fay: Extensible Distributed Tracing from Kernels to Clusters
Úlfar Erlingsson (Google), Marcus Peinado (MSR), Simon Peter (ETH Zürich), Mihai Budiu (MSR)
Tuesday 25th, 16:30-18:00
Work in Progress
Chair: George Candea
Wednesday 26th, 09:00-11:00
Threads and Races
Chair: Bryan Ford
Dthreads: Efficient Deterministic Multithreading
Tongping Liu, Charlie Curtsinger, Emery D. Berger (UMass Amherst)
Efficient Deterministic Multithreading through Schedule Relaxation
Heming Cui, Jingyue Wu, John Gallagher, Huayang Guo, Junfeng Yang (Columbia)
Pervasive Detection of Process Races in Deployed Systems
Oren Laadan, Nicolas Viennot, Chia-che Tsai, Chris Blinn, Junfeng Yang, Jason Nieh (Columbia)
Detecting and Surviving Data Races using Complementary Schedules
Kaushik Veeraraghavan, Peter M. Chen, Jason Flinn, Satish Narayanasamy (University of Michigan)
Wednesday 26th, 11:30-12:30
Chair: Ant Rowstron
Transactional storage for geo-replicated systems
Yair Sovran, Russell Power (NYU), Marcos K. Aguilera (MSR), Jinyang Li (NYU)
Don’t Settle for Eventual: Scalable Causal Consistency for Wide-Area Storage with COPS
Wyatt Lloyd, Michael J. Freedman (Princeton), Michael Kaminsky (Intel Labs), David G. Andersen (CMU)