ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles
Collected Proceedings: Colophon
This archive lists every paper from every SOSP, from 1967 to 2015. That’s 560 papers from 25 conferences spread over 49 years, covering the development of operating systems research from its very first days.

In assembling the archive I had to make several decisions about which items to include and which to omit. My basic plan was just to replicate the printed proceedings, but I deviated from this in several ways:

The ACM Digital Library has most but not all of this material. Where the Digital Library has the paper’s PDF, the listing here has just a link to the Digital Library citation page. In the small number of cases where the paper is missing from the Digital Library, the paper’s PDF is in this archive.

The ACM omissions and other curiosities are flagged in the archive’s index page with a link “BTW” explaining the situation. In all cases, I have been able to find copies of the papers, so this archive is complete. Thanks to Butler Lampson and to the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory for use of their copies of the 1967 and 1969 proceedings, and to Stockton Gaines for re-typing his otherwise-unprinted 1975 paper.

Andrew Birrell, August 2015